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September 1, 2017: Kiplinger's Personal Finance

July 26, 2016: ForbesSeptember 8, 2015: Spotlight
Despite an overabundance of financial information available in the media, longtime investors often find themselves owning products and investments that may no longer serve them well. At the same time, important considerations have fallen through the cracks. Overwhelmed with information, many new investors simply stick their heads in the sand. “Education is the great equalizer for veteran and novice investors alike,” says David R. Cichon, M.Ed, Certified Estate Planner, RFC. Cichon is founder...Through sound financial advice with an emphasis on smart ways to both save and invest money, David R. Cichon of Householder Group has earned the trust and loyalty of his many clients and the respect of industry veterans. “We use strategies designed to maximize the efficiency of our clients’ money,” says Cichon, M.Ed., a former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals and a 40-year veteran of the financial services industry...When Registered Financial Consultant David Cichon showed up for a job interview nearly 40 years ago, after a much shorter career playing baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals national baseball club, he didn't know much about the securities industry, planning for a financial future, or whether or not he even wanted the job.As luck would have it, David and the job were a good match, and he has spent the last several decades learning, educating and helping others...

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May 8, 2014: U.S. News Money

The "sandwich generation" is more hard-pressed than ever to support both adult children and aging parents. If you are a midlifer stuck between two generations, you are in for some tough conversations and even tougher decisions, financial advisors say, to ensure your own kids don't inherit the same squeeze. David Cichon, Regional Vice President of Householder Group, comments on the 'Sandwich Generation' in the May article of U.S. News Money.

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June 25, 2012: Forbes

As a former professional baseball player with the St. Louis Cardinals, David Cichon, M.Ed.,Certified Estate Planner, RFC, knows what it takes to win— talent, a relentless pursuit of excellence and hand-in-glove teamwork. Those are the fundamentals he brings to his job as one of the top-performing financial planners with the Householder Group in Colorado, a large independent estate and retirement planning organization.“In baseball, you can’t get sidetracked trying to hit a grand slam or pitch a no-hitter every time,” he says. “You focus on what you are good at, and adjust your strategy to changing circumstances.”

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December 2011: Out of Denver

Earning a client’s complete trust is the cornerstone of the Householder Group, a Centennial-based firm that assists people to achieve their financial goals and preserve, manage and grow their assets, particularly important in the current economic climate. Licensed in securities since 1972, David R. Cichon, M.Ed, Certified Estate Planner, RFC, heads up the local branch office and serves clients across the Denver area, Colorado Springs and in other states.

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